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Volleys Go International with their new campaign


Volleys Go International with their new campaign


Pacific Brands has launched a new campaign for its iconic Dunlop Volleys brand. The campaign coined “Volley Goes International” features five clutter-cutting TVC’s titled by the location that they are featured in, including Kenya, Cambodia and Azerbaijan to name a few.

Volleys website has been given an interactive pinch and now features a rotating world globe with the videos along with the five TVCs. Information regarding a new competition where users are invited to direct and submit their own 30 second commercial for Volleys is also included, and is sure to be a hit taking tips from along the lines of The Gruen Transfer.

The new campaign also edges into social media land, with a YouTube channel under UniversallyVolleys. The behind the scenes footage is also worth a peek.

So judge for yourself – is it pure innovative genius or another agency on crack?

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