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Volvo video emails for sales


Volvo video emails for sales


Volvo has launched a trial video email campaign, prompting consumers to visit local dealerships in the UK.

Created by agency Positive Image, the email encourages users to click though to a splash page, featuring a broadcast quality video of the Volvo V70 Estate, says a report by Brand Republic.

The landing page includes a promotional offer that is integrated with the dealers stock system to provide up to the minute availability of cars. All enquiries are automatically sent to the local dealership.

The trial campaign is initially is promoting a dealership near York.

Targeting criteria include previous Volvo customers, people within a close proximity of the dealership, and people who last purchased a car three years ago or more.

Positive Image managing director, Ben Moore, believes initial results showed click through rates of around one third and it is hoped the campaign will be rolled out to dealerships around the UK, depending on the success of the trial.

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