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What shits you? Anger-venting campaign for bowel cancer awareness


What shits you? Anger-venting campaign for bowel cancer awareness


Bowel cancer awareness organisation, The Jodi Lee Foundation, has today launched whatsh-tsyou.com to provide a public forum for people to unload their frustrations about the funny things in life that give them the shits while learning about bowel cancer.

Created by agency Jamshop, whatsh-tsyou.com enables people to share, connect and vent their frustrations through Facebook. A supporting print advertising campaign, also developed by JAM, goes live this week to help drive traffic and further awareness.

The site is light-hearted but with a serious agenda encouraging quirky postings about almost anything, including photos and videos. The most popular posts will be promoted on the Facebook page.

Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related death in Australia after lung cancer, claiming almost 5000 lives every year. The Jodi Lee Foundation strives to raise community awareness about bowel cancer and how early detection can save lives. Jodi Lee was a loving wife and mother, who in 2008, at only 39 years of age, was diagnosed with bowel cancer. She passed away in January 2010. Had the bowel cancer been detected early, Jodi would of have had a 90% chance of still alive today.

What Shits You?



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