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Wrigley’s cute creatures return


Wrigley’s cute creatures return


DDB Sydney and Wrigley’s have launched a TVC campaign for a new Extra chewing gum Fruit Bottle.

Returning to the campaign will be the happy little ‘Food Creature’ characters – animated fatty foods, cigarette butts and a little coffee cup that get blown away by Extra-labelled products.

The 15-second TVC depicts the bottle-sized packs erupting from the earth, causing the ‘food creatures’ to scream and run away.

It’s fun and colourful but is TVC marketing winning the battle for relevance in these digital media times? Various studies say people are turning to the net for their content.

The campaign is memorable for its cuddly creatures, but whether the message (how convenient the bottles of chewing gum are compared to a small packet) gets across to its target audience is another matter.

Is the product handy enough to hide in the car to cover your death-breath before the big client meeting or hot date? Andrew Leakey, marketing director of Wrigley’s thinks so.

 “The bottle pack is perfect for the car, home and office and as a result we developed a campaign that highlights the various uses for the product but in a fun and light-hearted way that appeals to this wide audience. We worked closely with DDB to create a simple message that reaches our target audience effectively.”

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