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Mastering The PR Brief



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Product Description

This step-by-step guide to briefing a PR campaign was created for marketers to brief an agency, or agencies, but is also a useful exercise for in-house teams when starting a new campaign or project.

From an integrated marketing perspective, a master brief (see The Campaign Brief starring Mark Sareff in our resources section) includes business objectives, audiences, messages and tone. This forms the basis for more specialised briefs. In a PR brief, a marketer can be more specific in areas such as community programs, corporate social responsibility commitments and former engagement with influencers.

Ava Lawler, managing director at Weber Shandwick Australia, provides the expert advice every step of the way, so you can get the very best result.



  • Read this first – with important general advice
  • Parts 1 to 16 – with step-by-step tips.