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Trend Briefing: ‘Social Commerce: leveraging social media to influence sales’



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Product Description

‘Social Commerce: leveraging social media to influence sales’ is a 20-page trend briefing in which readers learn how ecommerce can thrive in social media where user-generated content and word-of-mouth spread like wildfire, with input from AIMIA, Frost & Sullivan, Etsy, Twitter and more.



  • Executive summary by report editor, Chris Byrne
  • Foreword by Karson Stimson, VP and director, AIMIA; founder and CEO, WeAreDigital
  • Infographic: Social commerce ROI
  • Feature: Putting social at their fingertips
  • The debate: “All brands should use social media as a path to direct- to-consumer ecommerce.” Respondents: Sahil Merchant, David Mann, Mark Dougan,
  • Opinion: Best practice for integrating social content in a website – Pete Cassidy, Stackla
  • Opinion: Don’t be the ‘suit’ at the party: tips from the Etsy community on making social media work for ecommerce – Helen Souness, Etsy
  • Opinion: The four elements that should be part of every retail business’ Twitter strategy – Nick Bowditch, Twitter Australia




About Marketing trend briefings + bonus material

Our trend briefings are documents of approximately 20 pages on the consumer and technology trends most impacting professional marketers.

We plan to publish six per year, each detailing what’s happening, how businesses are reacting, and what marketers can do to capitalise on the trend.

Each comes with accompanying bonus material, including:

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  • a deck of slides of key graph, figures and quotes, for you to steal and use in your own presentations.