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2013 according to Twitter

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2013 according to Twitter


Politics, Dami from X Factor and Australia’s natural disasters dominated Twitter feeds across the country in 2013 according to Twitter’s 2013 top trends list.

2013 was a big year in Australian politics and many took to Twitter to discuss the key issues including both Labor Party Leadership spills, Kevin Rudd back as PM and announcing the 2013 Election via Twitter.

We also took to Twitter platforms to share news like the January Brisbane floods #Bigwet, and the #NSWFires, as well as breaking events around the world – from the Philippines tsunami to the chemical attacks in Syria.

Sport also faired well in the Twittersphere this year, from the #Ashes test series, the #AFLGF and #NRLGF, to the #AusOpen of Tennis, Australians have taken to Twitter to talk about news from on and off the pitch, court, track and field to share in the roar of the crowd.

The usual suspects have all made list with the #RoyalBaby, #QandA and Big Brother (#BBAU) all featuring on the list. Some surprising entries were some of the ‘conversation starters’ like #NowPlaying and #UnpopularOpinionNight all trending throughout the year… each to their own.

Take a look at the top trending topics below:


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