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8 landing page errors that see B2B leads fall through the cracks

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8 landing page errors that see B2B leads fall through the cracks


Landing pages that plug product information rather than provide content of genuine value is one of the most common errors B2B marketers make when using their websites as a lead conversion tool.

Too often B2B marketers introduce product-centric information at the lead’s first contact with a website, a blog post by inbound marketing specialists, g2m solutions, argues, pointing out that business buyers most often search for information before product solutions.

Converting these visitors into leads is one of the top prioties and challenges for B2B marketers, writes Christabelle Tani.

“You can’t force people to be interested in your product or service, especially when they’re just browsing the internet for answers to questions they have about a topic of interest,” Tani writes.

“Sure, your product or service might solve their problem, but it’s of the utmost importance that your top-of-funnel content is not product-centric. While you do need product-centric content, there’s a time and a place – and that place is much further down the funnel.”

Tani goes on to outline seven other common errors g2m see on B2B websites from a lead generation perspective. These are:

  • Not capturing lead data in forms,
  • not knowing when site visitors convert into leads, and what follow up contact they’re ready for,
  • failure to A/B test landing pages for content, copy, layout and other issues,
  • failure to use marketing automation to opt people into targeted campaigns, based on how they behaved on your site,
  • not segmenting lead databases into different campaigns,
  • not scoring leads based on their quality and likelihood to close, and
  • failure to communicate lead data to sales teams.



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