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Dell turns tweets into $3 million

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Dell turns tweets into $3 million


Since 2007 @DellOutlet, Dell’s Twitter presence, has generated USD $3 million in revenue for the PC giant.

Using the platform as a way of offering customers coupons, deals and refurbished products, Dell has generated USD $2 million revenue as a direct result of @DellOutlet activity. However, a further USD $1 million resulted from users visiting @DellOutlet and subsequently buying a new Dell system from elsewhere on the site.

Dell Twitter manager, Stefanie Nelson elaborated:

Deal-hunters are especially attracted to Dells Twitter presence. Dell Outlet sells refurbished Dell products at great prices, but inventories fluctuate, making it difficult to know when products are available or on sale. Dell Outlet uses Twitter as a way to message out coupons, clearance events and new arrival information to those looking for Dell technology at a discounted price.

Having maintained a Twitter presence for two years, at the time of writing @DellOutlet’s followers were nearing 650,000.

The announcement is of particular interest, as the platform, Twitter, describes its business model as still in the
esearch phase. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has revealed the model will likely focus on generating revenue through add-on tools aimed at businesses. Traditional web advertising is unlikely to penetrate Twitter.

Despite the figures, the revenue is relatively small juxtaposed with Dell’s total revenue, USD $12.3 billion.

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