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Powderfinger harness Twitter power

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Powderfinger harness Twitter power


Australian band Powderfinger have harnessed the power of Twitter to perform three secret ‘guerilla’ gigs in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne on one day. 

No further clues were given out, as fans were directed to the band’s Twitter page to find out more. The location of each show was revealed 25 minutes prior to each performance, with the band selecting the location for each show just prior to this.

Approximately 1,400 fans were waiting for the band in Post Office Square, Brisbane, when they arrived at 8:30am for the first performance.

As word spread throughout the day, about 2,000 fans arrived in both Sydney’s Martin Place and Melbourne’s Federation Square.

Paul Piticco, Powderfinger’s manager, indicated that shows were unique in that fans, media and even the band’s record label only found out at the same time when and where each show was going to be.

Piticco said the band wanted to do something special for their fans, and give them the opportunity to interact with the band directly via the Twitter profile.

“We honestly thought we’d get a couple of hundred people in each location, plus bystanders. We were completely blown away by the numbers that were waiting there to greet us in each city,” exclaimed Piticco.

The band’s Twitter followers went from 1,800 to over 6,000 by the end of the day.

The idea for the shows was developed by Piticco, Carney Nir from the band’s management company and John Collins from Powderfinger after the band’s impromptu busking session at Splendour in the Grass in Byron Bay.

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