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Mobile-friendly CX critical to engaging consumer loyalty, report reveals

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Mobile-friendly CX critical to engaging consumer loyalty, report reveals


The prominence of smartphone and tablet ownership means providing a mobile-friendly customer-experience is vital to engaging consumer loyalty, the 2016 ‘Salesforce Connected Shopper’ report reveals.


This article was commissioned by Salesforce to let readers know they can access a free copy of the ‘Salesforce Connected Shopper’ report.


The report, which surveyed 650 Australian consumers, shows that 98% of millennials, 89% of Gen X, and 78% of Baby Boomers own a smartphone.

71% of millennials, 65% of Gen X and 62% of Baby Boomers own a tablet.

Many of these participants demand a mobile shopping experience, particularly millennials, 55% of whom say it’s ‘absolutely critical’ or ‘very important’ to access retail via a mobile device.

In addition, 40% of Gen X respondents and 23% of Baby Boomers place the same importance on a mobile experience,

Mobile devices play a growing role in many stages of the customer experience, and are central to shoppers getting the information they need. 59% of respondents listed price comparisons as ‘absolutely critical’, or ‘very important’ followed by:

  • comparing similar products, 54%,
  • checking in store availability, 50%,
  • purchasing products for delivery, 46%,
  • receiving product and customer support or service, 45% and
  • reading online ratings and reviews, 43%.

Satisfaction goes beyond catering to mobile technology, here’s the percentage of customers  who expect certain experiences when dealing with retailers and brands:

  • issues to be resolved in a timely manner, 87%,
  • the agent has the resources to resolve the issue, 82%,
  • leave the conversation feeling good about the experience, 79%,
  • a live agent is available, 79%, and
  • routed immediately to the agent who is most knowledgeable about my issue, 79%.

Why is it so important to satisfy customers on all media channels and throughout the experience? Because loyalty is fleeting, and not satisfying customers on any of these points will lead them to shop elsewhere.

Here’s the six things that will make your customers likely to purchase elsewhere:

  • have a security breach, 76%,
  • have a difficult purchasing or check-out process, 70%,
  • provide inconsistent levels of service, 66%,
  • provide inconsistent experience 60%,
  • not be socially responsible 58%, and
  • treat customers like a number rather than an individual 58%.

The full report contains further advice on how best to streamline consistent experience and service across all channels to satisfy customers and engage online shopper loyalty.


Access your free copy of the report




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