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Advertise with us

Advertise with us

Marketing Mag empowers media and marketing decision-makers, connecting emerging talents, pioneers and leaders in marketing and advertising. This community celebrates achievements and provides valuable insights from experts. For three decades Marketing Mag has helped Australian marketers excel.

We offer our partners tailored opportunities to connect with our engaged audience.

Digital engagement

We place your brand at the forefront of our platform, with exposure across our website, newsletters, custom EDMs and both native and branded content marketing.

Audience connection

Our expertise will be applied to drive connection with our audience. Our event packages offer partners a range of forms, from panel discussions to training sessions. Marketing Mag serves to amplify your event by offering sponsorship, co-branding, content development with amplification, and lead generation, all to meet your specific objectives.

Content creation

Effective content drives meaningful engagement. At Niche Media, we specialise in crafting content that authentically represents your brand, disseminating it through diverse channels.  At Niche Media we provide an end-to-end, custom content solution, inclusive of print, audio, video, social, design, production and editorial. Our goal is to streamline the process and provide a successful outcome.

Get in touch

To discuss how Marketing Mag and Niche Media can connect your brand with marketing and media professionals, please contact our media sales and partnerships executive Campbell Morath on [email protected]