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Match wants you to know your worth when it comes to dating

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Match wants you to know your worth when it comes to dating


From ghosting to crypto bros, no one is safe from Match’s latest out-of-home campaign. The creative encourages singles not to settle, and instead engage in some self-love over dealing with pressures of settling for someone a little less than desirable. 

Nothing gets people talking like a bad date. Everyone has a piece of advice to the victim of a bad date, and now dating site Match is even getting in on the conversation. Its latest campaign is prioritising self-love over settling. 

The messaging from Match

The campaign, created by Mojo Supermarket, is centred around shots by Matt Lambert coupled with playful copy. 

Some of the messaging reads:

“Do you. Until you find someone worth doing.”

“Because we know you care about what you put in your body.”

“If they’re only hot and you’re bothered, just make yourself bothered.” 

And a personal favourite:

“If they talk crypto, invest in yourself.”

“2022 has officially become the year of mindful dating,” says Rachelle Avila, communications strategy director of Mojo Supermarket. “Adults are tired of the mindless swiping, wasted time on first dates and situationships that go nowhere. We’re seeing wellness transform beyond just personal well-being and into relational well-being.”

Unfortunately Australian shores (and daters) won’t be seeing the campaign, so it looks like Australian dating warnings and red flags remain through word of mouth. But the streets of Venice Beach in California even get ones that have been personalised for the area. 

“Venice has enough bars, why lower yours?” 

The clever campaign is up around California, and is making a splash online as well. 


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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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