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Queensland Health campaign via CHEP spins the sun into horror movie killer

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Queensland Health campaign via CHEP spins the sun into horror movie killer

the sun

A horror series is kicking off in the ‘sunshine state’: a campaign aiming to reduce the risk of skin cancer across Queensland.

Queensland Health and CHEP Network Brisbane have partnered to produce a new health campaign with the tagline ‘You do the 5. You Survive’. A collection of ads and posters feature four friends confronted on a weekend getaway with the perils posed by Queensland’s stealthiest killer: the sun. 

The hero ‘trailer’ includes genre conventions of a horror film, from a haunting little girl to discordant music, all building suspense.

The thematic approach has been specifically designed to engage Queenslanders aged 18 to 34, a demographic for which melanoma is the leading cancer diagnosis.

“Our audience knows they need to be sun safe. Unfortunately, they’re not putting that into action in their daily behaviour. It’s scary. We knew we had to do something different to engage a notoriously difficult audience,” says Phil Shearer, CHEP Network Brisbane’s executive creative director.

“So we made some scary film trailers to get under their advertising radars and remind them that the sun can actually kill.”

Thorough coverage the emphasis for sun safety

Building upon the classic ‘Slip! Slop! Slap!’ campaign from 1981 – one of the most successful health campaigns in Australian history – this approach includes a unique spot for each of the (now) five tenets of sun safety.

The various ads include:

The campaign launched on 4 December across online, social media and out-of-home, and is backed by further information on Queensland Health’s website.

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Ned Lupson

Ned Lupson is an Assistant Editor at Niche Media.

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