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Rock Posters’ Marcus Seal on the world’s most enduring media

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Rock Posters’ Marcus Seal on the world’s most enduring media

Rock posters

Rock Posters, a pioneering force in street poster and outdoor advertising since 1986, has continually pushed boundaries through innovation to become Australia’s largest national street poster network. As an independently-held Australian company, Rock Posters has remained at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.

Rock Posters general manager Marcus Seal brings a wealth of experience from his tenure in senior management and marketing roles across entertainment companies in Sydney and Melbourne. Notably, Seal served as head of marketing at The M Agency, specialising in the music, entertainment, and lifestyle sectors, before becoming head of commercial marketing at Live Nation, the world’s largest live entertainment company.

Heritage in the outdoor sector

“Rock Posters was born almost four decades ago as a direct result of budget-conscious bands and artists needing an easy way to sell tickets to their performances and events,” says Seal, reflecting on the genesis of Rock Posters. 

“In its inception, the medium was largely opportunistic with most of the installation being done without permission at night. This low barrier to entry invited a colourful array of scoundrels to the business of street posters and has seen this form of outdoor advertising shrouded in rumour, innuendo, and misunderstanding.”

Despite its underground past, Rock Posters has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years. “While this reputation can be difficult to shake, the business practices have evolved substantially,” Seal notes proudly. “We are now in the position of winning awards at local and state government levels. There is no denying its value as a medium, and it is currently undergoing an unlikely renaissance.”

The efficacy of Rock Posters lies in its ability to deliver a high return on investment when utilised effectively. “We characterise the Rock Posters mix of static billboards and street posters as a cost-effective part of the media plan that does the heavy lifting in terms of ROI if used well,” Seal explains. “Using the medium well consists of purpose-built design for how the medium is consumed, timing in terms of brand maturity and, increasingly, leveraging on social media platforms.”

Rock posters

Rock Posters moving beyond music

While traditionally associated with music, arts, and entertainment, Rock Posters has diversified its client base in recent years. “While COVID lockdowns were brutal, they gave many marketers a renewed appreciation of local area advertising, clever design, and interesting copy,” Seal reflects. “Street posters are a medium that can bring out the best in designers and marketers alike.”

Rock Posters boasts a roster of long-standing clients dating back to the 1980s, a testament to the enduring effectiveness of this age-old medium. “Rock Posters retains many of its foundation clients from the 80s to this day, and with a high frequency of campaigns, we are constantly answerable to the box office,” Seal shares. “We often refer to street posters as the oldest media in the world; perhaps it’s the most enduring as well.”

In an era dominated by digital marketing, Rock Posters stands as a reminder of the power of tangible, street-level advertising. With its rich history and adaptability to modern marketing strategies, it continues to captivate audiences and drive results for businesses across industries.

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Images attributed to Rock Posters.


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Emily Rayner is the editorial director of Niche Media.

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