In assessing the effectiveness of Fairfax Digital’s ‘Ad Selector’, research has found that three quarters of respondents chose an ad prior to letting it run automatically.

The Ad Selector is a function on Fairfax Digital’s website that provides consumers with a choice between three ads prior to viewing videos on the sites.

Of the 1,355 consumers surveyed:

  • 69% preferred online video adverts to standard non-video adverts
  • 43% of those who selected an advert chose it as they found the creative exciting and entertaining
  • 29% of those who selected an advert wanted to find out more after viewing the ad, and
  • 12% of those who selected an advert wanted to purchase the product after being exposed to the ad.

Ed Harrison, commercial director at Fairfax Digital said, “This survey reinforces our message that the creative is critical; advertisers need to think of their creative as a form of content that is seeking consumer engagement.”