pfj, one of the UKs leading specialist recruitment companies, has taken its first step in building a global network by acquiring a large stake in Sydney based ICUR.

ICUR are one of Australia’s best media, advertising and digital recruitment consultancies and when I was in Australia talking to their clients I was delighted to hear that they set the standards for professionalism that mirror our service in the UK, commented Paul Farrer, chairman of pfj.

While we aim to be a gateway of choice for media, advertising and digital people travelling between the two continents seeking work in our sectors, the primary reason for the investment is that we see a great opportunity to work with an established and excellent team and build a dominant position in Australia, becoming the recruitment company of choice. This is the first significant step in our strategy to build a global network of leading specialist recruitment companies.

Belinda Kerr, MD of ICUR said, We are thrilled to have the backing of pfj. We have had an alliance for a number of years and now we have the opportunity to combine our knowledge and experience to develop Australia’s number one media, advertising and digital recruitment company.