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Edentify launches mobile-based research tool


Edentify launches mobile-based research tool


A research innovation launched this month by Edentify mobile-based research means marketers can gather feedback from consumers in real time, allowing you to capture more accurate and immediate responses. Using mobile phones as a research platform will allow marketers to gather instant feedback on a campaign, and if necessary tailor the message or the media strategy to better achieve the campaign objectives. 

Mobile phone usage rates in Australia are amongst the highest in the world, with more than 80% of all people over 14 having a mobile phone, and 35% of people owning more than one phone or SIM.

The ability to do mobile research up to this point has been cost prohibitive, said David Gaines, managing partner at Maxus, Now Edentify has developed tools to allow us to research consumers on the move with speed and accuracy, he said.

Edentifys 20,000 strong panel, Cafestudy, are now being recruited for mobile phone research. Members are carefully segmented to suit the brief of any business consumer, and provide a quick and accurate snapshot of consumer insight.

A benefit of mobile-based research is the speed at which the research data can be compiled, with a recent survey conducted by Edentify receiving more than 50% of responses within 30 minutes of being sent. Another interesting element of mobile-based research is the ability to gather feedback on people’s emotional state.

With all of this consumer information now available almost instantly, advertisers may be able to use this tool to synchronise their marketing activities with the movements, habits and emotions of their target audience.

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