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Adshel releases Lives Exposed report


Adshel releases Lives Exposed report


Adshel has released a research study that consolidates trends derived from its Consumer Insights Program to coincide with its latest campaign, Lives Exposed.

The ‘Lives Exposed Research Report’ explores key trends affecting the Gen Y 16-24, Adultescents, Baby Boomers, commuters and ‘main grocery buyer’ demographics and how these key audiences think, feel, behave and interact with media when out of home.

The report also looks at how, by recognising the importance of ‘mood states’, advertisers can optimise their messaging for their audience in the out of home environment to deliver context-relevant campaigns.

Built around a series of representative characters, the key segments are brought to life via an interactive m-site. Users are encouraged to explore the personal effects of each character that are linked to trends from the research report.

The Adultescent character, Adrian Walker, is the hero in the trade and online advertising, and features heavily in a nationwide event aimed at juniors in the media industry – Adrian’s Birthday. The event was seeded in social media and the party photos will be uploaded to Adrian’s Birthday group page on Facebook to encourage discussion from participants.

“Our latest campaign stresses the importance of targeting and context relevance. Adshel actively segments its own client base to ensure we engage with our audiences in the most compelling way. For the media industry, we determined that this would be done through a quirky event and a strong digital presence,” comments Elvira Lodewick, marketing director, Adshel.

“The studies are not just about outdoor but contain findings across various media channels. We are confident that the insights derived from the research are of interest to advertisers, media and creative agencies.”

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