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A Foursquare swarm by Ogilvy


A Foursquare swarm by Ogilvy


Ogilvy Group Melbourne set the Australian Foursquare Swarm record with over 265 check-ins at their Melbourne office.

The swarm record can only be set when 50 users of the social networking site check in at the same venue simultaneously. The previous record was held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

However, unbeknown to the agency, just seven hours earlier, Conan O’Brien’s audience in New York had also been chasing the record and clocked in 332 check-ins.

“If we had known we were taking on O’Brien, we would have reconsidered the confetti budget. Of course the event wasn’t just about the record, but demonstrating through action, the potential of emerging technology, “ explained Brian Vella, DTDigital and OgilvyOne’s general Manager.

The agency’s effort earned them a Foursquare Super Swarm badge, the first in Australia and one of only six locations in the world.

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