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Getting more Latitude from Google


Getting more Latitude from Google


If you thought that there werent enough tools to stalk your friends, think again – Google has introduced a tool called Latitude, to add to its mobile maps service that enables you to share your location with your friends and see where your friends are.

Through Latitude, you are able to connect with friends by sending them a text, chatting via Google talk or getting directions to your friend’s location – which is great if you’re likely to get lost going to your own friend’s house.

The tool can work on any phone that can run Google Maps My Location.

While Latitude will have privacy proponents screaming, people can choose to show exactly where they are; show their general location, such as Melbourne; or manually set their own location – if people want their friends to think they’re in Paris instead of Parramatta.

Google’s merging its Maps function with a social networking tool could potentially be an opportunity for marketers – Latitude allows social networking to be integrated into tools that people use while on the move.

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