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Google AdWords out of beta


Google AdWords out of beta


Google has removed AdWords’ beta tag.

The move comes with a new interface for the flagship advertising program. The new interface began testing in March within Australia and New Zealand.

Through implementing user feedback, the updated interface makes account management more intuitive, campaign navigation simpler, data more accessible and sees the addition of new features, according to the company.

Improved and new features include:

  • Performance graphs: Quickly recognise trends in your account performance via custom graphs on every page
  • Roll-up tabs: Identify top priorities by viewing and editing all keywords, placements or ads in an account on a single tab
  • Networks tab: Improve performance on the content network by looking at site-level statistics and making changes directly from your reports
  • Spreadsheet editing: Make efficient bulk edits to keyword lists by using spreadsheets directly in your account
  • In-line editing: Make faster adjustments with single-click editing that doesn’t require loading a separate page
  • Filters: View only the keywords, ads or other parts of your account that meet or miss the performance thresholds you specify, and
  • In-context help articles: Get answers in the right place at the right time.

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