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Google compares ads


Google compares ads


Google has announced it will trial Comparison Ads, displaying multiple offers to users for certain search terms.

The new service caters to more ambiguous search queries where precise targeting is difficult. Google gives the example of users searching ‘mortgage’ – instead of offering traditional single offer advertising, the search engine will offer a cross-section of options hoping to deepen user engagement with advertising.

“If they click the promotion, users are taken to a page with more detailed sponsored results. They can choose directly from the offers listed on that page, or they can further refine their search by providing additional information like income and home value. By giving users the ability to refine their search on a number of relevant attributes, we are able to show more targeted ads and provide you with more valuable leads,” said Dan Friedman on Google’s Adwords blog. 

During the beta trial the service is available only to residents of certain US states and advertisers in the mortgage/refinancing space, though Google intends to opens this up over the course of the trial.

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