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iTunes "complete": Beatles sell 2 million in first week


iTunes "complete": Beatles sell 2 million in first week


The Beatles’ catalogue finally became available on Apple iTunes this week, and has already posted sales of over $2 million in song sales.

The big win for both Apple Records (The Beatles record label) and Apple Computers comes after years of disputes between the two Apples. After resolving their issues in 2007, digital remastering of The Beatles’ catalogue was recently completed and has now become available on iTunes, even as a complete catalogue $250 digital box set. The launch was supported by an inescapable iTunes takeover featuring a picture of the band.

To the average punter, The Beatles on iTunes announcement was not such a big deal, Australian Macworld editor Dave Bullard tells Marketing magazine. But it was hugely important to Apple.

Without the Beatles back catalogue the iTunes Store was incomplete. Now its definitely the worlds best music brand … the bragging rights are worth whatever it took to resolve the copyright impasse.

Selling two million songs in a week is just the icing on the cake.

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