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McDonald’s is getting its own biopic starring Michael Keaton


McDonald’s is getting its own biopic starring Michael Keaton


A new film based on the story of the founding of the McDonald’s empire, is set to be released in August starring Michael Keaton.

A Hollywood film starring Michael Keaton about the origin of the McDonald’s brand is in the works. It tells the story of Ray Kroc, who opened a franchise of the fast-food diner founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald, later bought the brothers’ equity in the company and was responsible for its American and worldwide expansion.

The film joins a recent trend of founder-focused biopics, such as the fictionalised story of Facebook’s origin in The Social Network (2010) and two Steve Jobs biopics surrounding the creation and rise of Apple: Jobs (2013) and Steve Jobs (2015).

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This is not the first film about the McDonald’s. It has been the subject of documentary films, most famously Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me (2004).

Whether they like the experience or not, brands that get glorified – and sometimes maligned at the same time – in film achieve a sort of transcendent validation beyond the world of business into pop culture immortality. How McDonald’s rates The Founder is yet to be seen.

Richard and Maurice McDonald first began trading in 1940, and Ray Kroc – who is often noted for his aggressive business tactics – opened his first franchise in 1955. Kroc retired as McDonald’s CEO in 1974.

The company, which began listing on stock markets in 1965, can today be found in 118 countries and territories, serves millions of customers daily, operates more than 35,000 restaurants and employs more than a million staff. It is often used as an example in discussions surrounding mass consumption, the global popularity of American culture and obesity epidemics worldwide.

The Founder is written by John Robert D Siegel (The Wrestler), directed by John Lee Hancock (The Blindside, Saving Mister Banks) and also stars Nick Offerman, Linda Cardellini and Laura Dern.

Announced last month, it is due for release in Australia on 25 August.


Watch the The Founder theatrical trailer:

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