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McDonalds embrace online community


McDonalds embrace online community


McDonald’s Australia is launching a new campaign around its Angus burger range utilising social media and giving special access to social media influencers.

The campaign centres around a nine-part MasterChef webisode spoof entitled Macca’s Chef (view episode one below). The webisodes feature two hopefuls who have to compete in a series of tasks, including The Drive Thru Challenge and The Tomato Challenge, with the ultimate goal of producing an Angus burger that impresses their mentor Jean-Pierre Benoit-Gateux.

The webisodes have been executive produced by Chris Culvenor, who was involved in reformulating MasterChef for Australian audiences and produced the MySpace Road Tour digital series.

In addition, McDonald’s is encouraging customers to rate the Angus range on a one to five star scale on the MasterChef site.

“The Macca’s Chef series is designed to be fun, but also participatory. We will put our burgers to the test and will learn from our consumers. We also hope it will show potential new trainee’s the fun side of our business”, said Toby Dewar, McDonald’s national sponsorship and media manager.

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