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Modibodi and PUMA enlist women’s soccer team for latest campaign

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Modibodi and PUMA enlist women’s soccer team for latest campaign


Modibodi and PUMA have launched a new campaign called ‘You take on the game. We’ll take care of leaks’ featuring members of Brisbane City FC. 

The global absorbent apparel brand (born in Australia), and the sportswear giant first teamed up in March 2022, and the latest campaign celebrates the third drop of their active period underwear range.

Designed to closely align with both PUMA and Modibodi’s positioning, the integrated global campaign includes digital and social roll-outs with ambassadors from Brisbane City FC. Players – including captain Jamilla Riley – will bring to life the benefits of playing on your period. 

“As someone who menstruates and plays soccer in a white uniform, I can attest to the discomfort and anxiety that combination can create, particularly when you are young,” says Riley.

“You spend your time shamed by the fear of leaks, and it can take all your mental strength to refocus on the game at hand.”

Strict all-white dress codes in sports came under fire during the Wimbledon tennis tournament in July last year. ‘Address The Dress Code’ campaigners, wearing white skirts with red undershorts at one of the women’s finals, said these rules did not suit the needs of menstruating players. 

In response to the backlash, Wimbledon announced an update to the dress code in November, which will allow women competitors to wear mid/dark-coloured undershorts if they choose to.

“Requirements for other clothing, accessories and equipment remain unchanged,” the statement says.

It’s a conversation Modibodi was clearly keen to join with its latest campaign.

“We wanted to create a campaign to destigmatise the challenges of menstruating while competing, and show athletes a new world in which they can feel confident and supported to play while they bleed,” says Modibodi CMO Liana Lorenzato.

“We wanted to remove anxiety and the fear of leaking so athletes can focus on their game, not their period.”


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