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No ambush marketing allowed, says FIFA


No ambush marketing allowed, says FIFA


FIFA holds the rights to the soccer world cup and, over the past four years, has steadily been cracking down on companies who have attempted to cash in on the event, reported Reuters.

Recently, a few flags emblazoned with company logos were confiscated during the match between Ghana and Serbia at Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Tshwane/Pretoria.

“In fact there were mass ambush activities by one company from Ghana during [a recent] match and as per the regulations the FIFA Rights Protection team had to collect a few flags carrying heavy commercial branding, said FIFA spokesman Nicolas Maingot.

It hasn’t solely been flags which have created a stir. In April, Kulula, a South African low-cost airline, known for humourous advertising, agreed to withdraw its tongue-in-cheek billboards after a legal letter from FIFA. The advertisement called Kulula the unofficial carrier of the ‘You-know-what’ and included images of footballs, vuvuzelas and soccer players.

More than 60 percent of FIFAs 2007-2010 revenue of $3.2 billion comes from TV rights and about 30 percent from commercial marketing.

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