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Over the hump…


Over the hump…


When you were a kid, did you ever exasperatedly say to your parents, “I’m sick of your shit! I’m running away.”

They would generally smile or laugh and ask where you’d go. “The other side of the world!” you’d scream back, feeling smug that you could counter their ‘Im right, youre wrong’ look. But then they’d pull out the big guns – ok, where’s that. Then that would be it. You were stumped.

Well, those heady days of taking out the protractor, the one-meter ruler and getting to an Atlas, because Anitpodr will give you the answer. Whether you’re in Munich or Moe, this website uses Google maps to tell you where the other side is literally.

I’m glad I never tried to get there myself – I would have to be a damn good swimmer!

Also from the OTH desk this week is one of the funniest YouTube send ups I’ve seen for a while.

We all remember Chris Croker, the traumatised Britney Spears fan who posted an emotional plea for people to leave her alone. Many have since emulated the video (Seth Green of Buffy fame did damn good job of it), but none have appropriated to the marketing world quite as well as Zac Martin.

Martin’s ‘Pigs Don’t Fly’ blog has been a great source of info on viral marketing and social media, but this has taken it to a new level. His video is a defense of his own online marketing hero – Seth Godin in response to some recent bagging of Seth by social network strategist, Laurel Papworth.

You be the judge…

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