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Prints future hedged on a rumour?


Prints future hedged on a rumour?


Conde Nast has announced it is working on a digital version of Wired magazine.

Conde Nast said the digital version is being developed for the rumoured but much-hyped Apple tablet. The publisher is intending to emulate 18 of its titles to the format. The news comes following Conde Nast’s iPhone conversion of GQ. The digital version will be similar to that of the iPhone version, mirroring content but providing additional multimedia options.

Despite Apple having not confirmed the tablet, a number of publishers have begun developing conversions with tablets in mind. The move toward tablets is part of a wider digital focus by publishers. Earlier in the year, Time assembled a consortium of rivals to discuss the future of digital newsstands.

The popularity and development of tablets will likely have a major impact on consumption of news and information and could influence the Murdoch versus Google saga.

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