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Six fundamentals for global brand success


Six fundamentals for global brand success


Millward Brown has revealed the world’s most valuable brands share six elements.

Daren Poole, Sydney managing director of Millward Brown, said a clear vision and strong corporate culture were key to both business and brand success, but alone weren’t able to create global success for a brand.

Millward Brown claims these elements are shared by most, if not all, of the world’s top brands:

  • An efficient and scalable business model
  • A great brand experience
  • A distinctive positioning
  • A sense of dynamism
  • A sense of authenticity, and
  • A bond with local consumers.

The findings are the result of over 30 years extensive brand research.

Poole said that achieving all of these elements is difficult, but establishing a connection with local consumers is often the most problematic.

“Google, the most valuable global brand, is a great example of a brand that actively invests in creating a connection with local consumers. For Google, engaging with local markets is a core component of its branding strategy,” Poole said.

Millward Brown Optimor named Google the world’s most valuable brand in its ‘2009 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands’ ranking. The ranking valued Google at US $100 billion, the highest figure in its history.

Speaking in response Jason Chuck, Google’s head of marketing for Australia and New Zealand, said:

“Everything we do is about trying to improve the lives of our users through better information access – whether they’re at a café in Colorado, a desk in Delhi or strolling down George Street in Sydney.”

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