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Sony banks on make.believe future


Sony banks on make.believe future


Sony is set to launch its new marketing push in Australia entitled ‘make.believe’.

Chief executive Sir Howard Stringer is apparently behind the re-energising of the company as it faces strong competition from companies such as Samsung, LG and Panasonic for sales in key product areas such as flatscreen televisions.

Sony’s value has dropped significantly since the GFC – it announced in March 2009 that revenues declined 12.9% for the quarter.

The company aims to use the campaign to show a united Sony, with every division of the Japanese electronics and entertainment group under a single vision for the first time.

Sony Australia, Sony Computer Entertainment (which includes the Sony PlayStation gaming console business), movie studio Sony Pictures, Sony Music and even mobile phone provider Sony Ericsson will feature the words under their logo.

Sony unveiled a major push into 3D-in-the-home technology, with its first 3D TVs due to go on sale in Australia in 2010.

A spokeswoman for Sony explained that a promotion was likely to be run in Australia to give consumers the chance to make their own ‘make.believe’ online videos.

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