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Trends in 2010: specialists


Trends in 2010: specialists


2009 was a year of shifting paradigms. I think the GFC forced us to change in some capacity. This year, instead of dwelling on revenue losses and budget freezes, I think it is wise to focus on what we learned, how we can apply these learning’s in 2010 and best of all convert them into tangible revenue?

Observing trends in 2009 brought some fascinating insights for me, one in particular: are blue chip companies looking at engaging specialist agencies to deliver specific project tasks versus outsourcing all their project requirements to their major advertising agencies and or consulting firms? I think yes.

That is not to say the client is going to stop using their blue chip partners but it does open new opportunities for specialist agencies that have a key focus in areas such as user experience and usability design, project management, research and strategy, etc. This is definitely a mind shift and something that I admire. It shows leadership and optimism and allows for cooperation and collaboration. It invites new perspectives and returns real value to the client. Let’s face it, just because a multinational agency has 200 employees, doesn’t mean they have a team of 10 people who focus in one specialised area within a discipline.

So, forget those long lunches we all enjoyed once upon a time… they are so yesterday. Should we also forget about loyalty? Does it still exist? I think yes but only if we continue to deliver ‘real value’, educate our clients with new qualitative information, know our stuff better than any of our competitors no matter how big or small and be available.

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