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UK agency Tangent One opens Aussie offices


UK agency Tangent One opens Aussie offices


A UK-based digital marketing agency has opened its doors in Australia and is looking to hire staff.

The company indicated that it sees Australia as a strong potential source of international growth for the company.

The office will be headed up by Simon McEvoy and currently employs a team of six but is on the look out for more.

“We’re definitely in the market for new staff but given our back-up resources in the UK, we can take our time in hiring the right people,” asserted McEvoy.

Tangent One’s parent company – publicly listed Tangent Communications plc – was established in 2005 and handles digital communications for UK brands including Ben Sherman, Borders, HSBC, Harper Collins Publishers, BT, Citroen, the RSPCA and the British Labour Party.

Tangent One won a pitch to develop a series of ecommerce websites and internet marketing strategies for a major Australian retail group, which has given the company a basis to set up permanent shop in Melbourne and Sydney.

“It’s a win-win in terms of being local and building our presence here, while at the same time we have the day-to-day support in terms of resources and experience in London,” explained McEvoy.

McEvoy indicated that email marketing and data analytics is reasonably mature in Europe and the UK but it is still evolving in Australia.

“It takes time to build up resources and levels of sophistication in both ecommerce technology and creative design components, so we feel our offer will resonate with retailers and large transactional businesses in Australia,” stresses McEvoy.

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