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Unilever to increase parent brand presence


Unilever to increase parent brand presence


Unilever Australasia has begun rolling out signature branding through its advertising.

Unilever overarches several brands active in Australia including Streets Ice Cream, Dove, Rexona, Omo and Lipton. In the first stage of the rollout, certain Flora, Rexona and Omo TVCs have aired with Unilever’s device. It bring Australia into line with Unilever’s worldwide strategy.

Speaking on the move, David McNeil, VP of marketing for Unilever Australasia, said it would reinforce the association consumers have with the logo, which already appears on the pack, “Making it easier for consumers to identify Unilever brands is good for our business. Our research suggests that people who already buy one Unilever brand are more likely to buy others. Our research also shows that when consumers are made aware of our brand portfolio, their trust in us increases significantly.”

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