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Who will be the new Mitchell?


Who will be the new Mitchell?


Business Day reported that the decision of who would succeed Harold Mitchell is high priority.

Mitchell Communication Group was bought by London-based, Aegis Group for $363 million. Mitchell has reportedly agreed to continue on with the company for a further two years to oversee the merger. He has over 35 years of experience in the industry and will prove difficult to replace on many levels.

Nick Waters, chief executive of Aegis Media Asia Pacific was quoted by Business Day as stating, “There is a lot of ground between now and the 24 months… and its impossible to read what will happen then. Harold may decide to stay on and he may choose not to. My role will be to plan for any eventualities, and we will need to plan for the scenario that he might move on.

When asked by Business Day the decision on his plans at the company, Mitchell answered, “Succession plans will always emerge. Yes, of course [we have a plan] but I am not going to tell you.

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