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Toyota red faced over Yaris ad

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Toyota red faced over Yaris ad


Toyota Australia has pulled an online video advertisement for its Yaris model off its website due to complaints of sexist content.

The ad was the winner of a social media driven short film competition organised by the car manufacturer’s agency Saatchi and Saatchi.

Entitled ‘Clean Getaways’, the ad depicts a boyfriend bantering with the father of the girl he’s arrived in a Yaris to take out. The conversation is made up with a series of sexual double entendres, which have been criticised on the blogoshpere as ‘sexist’ and ‘incestuous’.

Play TV shot the ad after being sent the script by freelance creative Micha McDonald, who has ridiculed ‘the big boys’ for its reception by the public.

Toyota spokesman Mike Breen said the company was sorry if it had caused offence, but could not say how many complaints the car maker had received about the video.

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