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LinkedIn: the house of thrones and satire of truth

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LinkedIn: the house of thrones and satire of truth


There are two truisms in business and marketing. Truth is stranger than fiction and comedy and satire is a powerful tool for education. 

And with the ever growing shenanigans on LinkedIn, it’s time to apply satire to shake rattle and roll the nonsense.

I have been a huge advocate for LinkedIn as Marketing readers know. I still am and support and admire so much about the platform and the pie of opportunity.

But like bright lights of any kind, it attracts both bugs and butterflies and the LinkedIn light has reached global fever pitch scale.   

And I admit that I have grown (like so many) terribly disappointed with the growth of inanity which drowns out the great stuff (and there is great stuff).

Businesses, individuals, brands and marketers are all clamouring for a piece of the pie to raise visibility, conversations and impact.  

The algorithm and I’m guessing some human intervention over the last few years appears to be rewarding vulnerable intimate nonsense posts and content that, well, doesn’t swim well in the LinkedIn brand experience promise.

Game of LinkedIn 

Ever heard of the Game of LinkedIn? Well I just did when viewing this incredibly clever, and accurate video of LinkedIn members and posts.  

Compiled replete with an Oscar winning soundtrack by Washington, USA based corporate comedian and writer Geoff Woliner, of Winning Wit, it will resonate widely.  

Geoff gives the main nonsense culprits across sixteen (16) characters wonderful titles in his houses and snippets of their behaviour. 

I guarantee that you will all know exactly these cringe worthy and dodgy players. Hey you may be one of them yourself.   

Australian Logies and American Oscars favourites go to:

  • Cersei Lannister, House of Influencer
  • Otto Hightower, House of Engagement Pod
  • Khal Drogo, House of Hustlebro
  • Daenerys Targaryen, House of Kindness
  • The Night King, House of Recruiter

I don’t want to be the LinkedIn police but seriously LinkedIn and member, if this resonates please do better.  And as Dolly Parton famously quoted “laughter through tears is my favourite emotion’.


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Sue Parker

Sue Parker is the owner of Dare Group Australia. She is a national career strategist, personal branding and LinkedIn expert.

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