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Travel content is back, with relevant apps and sites seeing nearly 17 million visitors

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Travel content is back, with relevant apps and sites seeing nearly 17 million visitors


With travel back on, travel content is as well. The combination of Easter and April school holidays saw 16.9 million Australian visitors, according to Ipsos iris. 

For travellers, it seems that women are more likely to use travel sites and apps than men. People aged 25 to 39 are the largest cohort who are engaging with online travel content. But over 55s spend more time on the sites and apps. An extra 33 percent of time is spent trawling travel content and planning trips by those a bit older.

What else was looking at besides travel content?

Australians over 14 years old are spending on average 3.7 hours a day online. This is up more than two percent, with a total of 110 hours minimum spent for the month browsing the internet. 

As for social networks, this had the largest increase in time spent per person, rising by over two hours spent on social media each day, totalling 55 hours for the month.

The other consuming category online was search. Search sites saw 20.8 million users throughout April, with eight hours spent per person. This was a decline of 7.8 percent. Retail and commerce takes up five hours per month, and news was at six hours.

The 25 to 39 year old age group was the largest cohort online, while people aged 40 to 54 spent the  most time online in April. 

What were people reading about?

In the News category, 20.2 million people used a news website or app in the last month, with time  spent engaging with online news content increasing by 1.2 percent to almost six hours per month. 

This  was fuelled by major news events such as the arrest of former US President Donald Trump, the  death of comedian Barry Humphries AO CBE, the wedding of radio personality Kyle Sandilands, the  lead up to the Coronation and the Federal Budget, and sports events such as the Autumn racing  carnival and the AFL and NRL seasons. 


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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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