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Burger King makes things ‘A Little More Confusing’

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Burger King makes things ‘A Little More Confusing’


It’s a confusing world for kids, whose tender and unique line of questioning is the focal point of the latest Burger King campaign ‘A Little More Confusing.’

There’s nothing like being a kid, with eyes wide open, questioning the world around. In the latest spot from fast food giants Burger King, kids’ questions come to life. 

Questions like, “Eric’s mum has a World’s Best Mum mug, but his mum also has that mug?” “Is the cookie jar still a cookie jar without any cookies in it?” “Why are there more adult’s at this children’s party than children?”

It’s all a little confusing for our child protagonist, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The child voiceover encourages viewers to be a little more confused why trying the latest plant-based range from Burger King, which the father claims tastes, “exactly like a long-chicken.”

The sweet 90-second spot is accompanied by beautiful print ads that list out the most important questions, asking if children are smarter than their teachers. But, perhaps the most important question of all: “Do I like veggies now?”

Burger King and the quest for plant-based domination

This isn’t Burger King’s first foray into the plant-based world. 

Last year, following the announcement of chicken nuggets but sans the chicken, Burger King started a campaign about how confusing it is for people to eat the plant-based options considering how much it resembles the meaty counterpart.

But as children’s imaginations know no limit, it’s not surprising that this year the talent has pivoted from confused adults pondering existential situations like whether or not it’s time to delete your ex’s number, into the innocent and curious world of children.

‘A Little More Confusing’ continues the global pivot of many fast food restaurants. More and more are introducing vegan and plant-based items to the menu as more people announce a sustainable diet.


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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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