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Urban List investigates the rise of music tourism

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Urban List investigates the rise of music tourism

Urban list

The eager Aussie Swifties are finally getting their moment – the pop superstar touched down in Australia early this morning. Soon, they’ll flock to Melbourne and Sydney from across the country to pack into mega stadiums for her episodic retrospective.

Though such an effort for one night out may seem an extravagance, Urban List has revealed that this is increasingly our preference for travel. 

After speaking to 4000 readers from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and more, the lifestyle publisher has released its ‘Sound Trek’ report that details the determination of “sonic pilgrims”, tourists motivated by major music events.

“The convergence of music, travel, and digital storytelling offers a compelling narrative for brands looking to forge lasting connections,” says Sophia Wilcox, Urban List’s head of brand and culture.

“Sound Trek is not just a trend but a cultural movement, providing a soundtrack to the stories we live and share.”

An opportunity arises for marketers

Forty percent of individuals say they are more likely to travel to a concert so that they can visit a new place, and 70 percent of people report that they are more likely to travel to a concert not located in their hometown.

According to the report, for Coldplay’s 2023 Perth tour, one third of the 140,000 fans that attended the shows at Optus Stadium flew in from interstate and abroad, adding $80 million to the state’s economy.

The full ‘Sound Trek’ report can be found on Urban List’s website, including plenty more on Taylor Swift and other 2024 tours. TourismThe company is celebrating this revelation for brands.

“In exploring this new opportunity, marketers can think beyond traditional sponsorships,” says Jacqui LaBrooy, chief commercial officer at Urban List.

“Forging unexpected partnerships and leveraging digital platforms like Urban List to co-create content for extended engagement can amplify brand visibility and resonate deeply with these high-spending audiences long before and after the show or trip.” 

Next, read about the energy Untitled Group brings to its marketing.


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Ned Lupson

Ned Lupson is an Assistant Editor at Niche Media.

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