Budgetary constraints still the number one challenge in creating connected CX for ANZ marketers

Budgetary constraints are the main challenge for marketers in Australia and New Zealand when it comes to creating connected customer experiences.

Salesforce’s fourth annual ‘State of Marketing’ report reveals that budgetary constraints are the main challenge for marketers in creating connected CX, followed by difficulty leveraging data from different sources.

Australia and New Zealand specific results from the study show that CX is a high priority for marketers. Key findings here include:

  • 68% of marketers agree that connected CX across all touchpoints positively impacts overall customer engagement,
  • 67% agree that a connected CX across all touchpoints positively impacts revenue growth,
  • 61% say they’re aligning marketing roles to a customer journey strategy, and
  • 60% are satisfied with their ability to engage customers across channels at scale.


“Customer journeys are the silver bullet to marketing success,” says Kevin Doyle, director of advertising products at Salesforce JAPAC. “High-performance marketers are personalising messaging across all owned and paid channels, and are seeing real increases in revenue as the result.

“Technology has caught up to the vision that digital marketing promised, allowing the best performing marketers to run omni-channel campaigns personalised for each customer,” he says.

The report reveals 59% of marketers in Australia and New Zealand are now using AI, with another 23% saying they plan to use it within the next two years. 58% say it’s essential in helping their company create one-to-one marketing across every touchpoint.

Once again, there are customer journey concerns, with CX being the top ‘roadblock’ in executing AI strategy, followed by budgetary constraints and a lack of skills internally.

“AI has moved from being theoretical to being part of the arsenal of technologies available to marketers,” says Doyle. “It’s powering greater personalisation and the building of customer journeys at scale.

“The leading marketers in 2017 will be the ones who adopt these capabilities before their competitors.”

Salesforce Research surveyed 3500 marketing leaders worldwide, including 700 in Japan, Australia and New Zealand, to develop the report.


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Ben Ice
BY Ben Ice ON 16 June 2017
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