The Versus Issue – Marketing Magazine launches its Feb/March 2017 edition

Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of The Versus Issue.

It will reach subscribers and shelves this week, and is available for purchase here.

Exploring competition in all its forms, we compare brands, platforms, marketing techniques and more.

In The Versus Issue we:

MK0217 The Versus issue cover… Explore what it means to be a modern day challenger brand.

… Pit Snapchat and Instagram against each other, and find out who’s cooler in the eyes of the consumer.

… Find out how disruptive wine retailer Vinomofo carved out such a huge market share in five short years.

… Try to solve the age-old rivalry of art versus science in marketing.

… Compare consumer lifestyle trends and media consumption habits between Australia and New Zealand.

… Discover how the safety of the middle is melting away while extreme marketing makes its case.

… Revisit the battle of the sexes in the marketing profession. Do men or women make better marketers?

… See how positioning one’s brand against an enemy is a powerful, under-utilised approach to marketing.


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