Nifty marketing 101: Sony sells its waterproof mp3 player inside a bottle of water

How do you convince potential customers that your product is genuinely waterproof? Well you stick it in a bottle of water of course!

Sony enlisted the help of Auckland ad agency DraftFCB to help market its waterproof music player. The agency came up with a plan to sell the Walkman out of a vending machine, in a bottle of water, to prove just how waterproof the device is.

The mp3 player has already been on the market for some time with Sony originally marketing it as a fitness tool.  Vice president of the Personal Audi Division said at the time of its release: ” For many people, music is a vital component to enable a vigorous workout. Now, everyone from casual fitness enthusiasts to hard-core triathletes can enjoy their favourite music while they train or compete. Whether on land or in the water, the new Walkman Sports MP3 Player is the perfect workout accessory.”

Check out the Sony ‘The Bottled Walkman’ demo video below: