Gap between CX standards and customer expectations is wide, but gradually closing

There remains a sizeable gap between the digital customer experience (CX) delivered by Australian brands and the expectations of consumers.

SAP Australia’s 2016 ‘Digital Experience Report’ reveals that the gap between CX standards online and consumer expectations is gradually closing, but is currently sizeable.

The study of 3500 participants reveals a strong correlation between the digital experience and business outcomes. 

Compared with last year’s results, the digital experience gap is closing, as 40% of consumers in the study were unsatisfied with digital experiences, compared to 47% in 2015. Delighted customers rose from 22% to 26% in the same time period. 

Delighted customers are five times more likely to remain loyal to a brand than those who are unsatisfied.

The top three most important criteria for satisfying CX were ‘safe and secure’, ranked by 68% as one of the most most important factors, followed by ‘cohesive, integrated and simple’ (38%), and ‘available any time on my terms’ (36%).

Delighted customers are also about five times more likely to share personal information. This result varies across different types of personal data:

  • 39% of delighted consumers would disclose buying preferences,
  • 24% their health records,
  • 24% their web browsing history, and
  • 21% their personal finances.

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Top performing brands for digital experience, by sector are:

  • Grocery retail: Coles,
  • consumer goods/retail: Target,
  • telecommunications and ISP: iiNet,
  • utilities: Synergy,
  • banking: St George,
  • insurance: Suncorp, and
  • media and entertainment: Netflix.


“The good news is things are getting better for Australian consumers, and more brands are delivering the digital experience basics,” says John Ruthven, president and MD, SAP Australia and New Zealand.

“There is still much to do to deliver the digital experiences that truly delight consumers.

“Every time customers gain more power, organisations need more power to keep up with their demands. Brands that perform best are those who unite their people and processes on a single system to deliver on their customers’ relentlessly increasing demands,” says Ruthven.


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Ben Ice
BY Ben Ice ON 13 July 2016
Ben Ice is editor at MarketingMag