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Adshel insight on marketing to Baby Boomers


Adshel insight on marketing to Baby Boomers


In Septembers issue of Marketing magazine, well be taking an in-depth look at the topic of demographic marketing, and more specifically the challenge of marketing to over 50s. With creative agencies being set up around the world catering specifically to the Baby Boomers, its clear that marketers are getting wise to the value of targeting these power consumers.

In line with this trend towards targeting older demographics, Adshel has released the fifth in its series of qualitative studies, The Definitive Guide to Baby Boomers, as part of their dedicated Consumer Insights program focusing on the 46-64 year old Baby Boomer demographic. Conducted in conjunction with The Seed, the research provides a greater understanding of the lives, attitudes, behaviours, purchasing patterns of Baby Boomers and insights into advertising that resonates with them.

Research shows that when it comes to advertising, Baby Boomers feel ignored, disengaged and misunderstood, despite accounting for 25 percent of the population and owning 50 percent of the country’s wealth.

The findings reveal important attitudinal trends and shared life philosophies that make crucial reading for any marketer.

The study identified six key life areas that form the building blocks of understanding Baby Boomers:

  1. Work
  2. Leisure
  3. Health
  4. Family
  5. Technology
  6. Money

Important belief and value systems exist within each of these areas to reveal that Baby Boomers have a refreshingly positive outlook on life. The study also uncovers 10 key creative themes that were identified as crucial to successful marketing to this audience.

In addition, Baby Boomers are ‘out and about’ and more socially active than ever, which is challenging conventional ideas on where and how they should be targeted. The study identified key targeting principles as well as ways in which advertisers can use Adshel to add value to a media schedule targeting the Baby Boomer audience.

The study involved six qualitative groups in Sydney and Melbourne, split by age and gender, with a combined household income of $120K and a positive attitude to spending their disposable income.

Anthony Xydis, marketing director of Adshel, says, Adshels Definitive Guide to Baby Boomers is the fifth in our series of Consumer Insights studies, and provides insight into a highly lucrative demographic that currently feels disengaged and misunderstood by current advertising. The findings provide an in depth of understanding of the key themes in ‘Boomers’ lives and targeting principles that can create more effective communication with this group.

Well have some more details of the Adshel report on the site next month, when well also be showcasing the thoughts of some Boomers themselves on how they feel about being marketed to. For access to the study including debrief presentation, contact your Adshel representative.

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