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Aldi losing ground in customer satisfaction


Aldi losing ground in customer satisfaction


Although still top of the customer satisfaction ranking for supermarkets, Aldi is closely tailed by other major supermarkets in Australia.

In Roy Morgan’s ‘Supermarket Satisfaction’ report for the six months to July 2010, Aldi had the most satisfied customers, with 88.7% of its customers “completely or somewhat satisfied” with its service. In the past few years (since July 2005), Aldi has consistently remained at the top of the customer satisfaction rankings, generally achieving high satisfaction from its consumers when compared to other supermarkets.

However, from March 2010, both IGA and Woolworths have been closing in on the gap and are both sitting just behind Aldi in customer satisfaction on 87.4% and 86.8% respectively. Coles is the fourth ranked supermarket with 85.9% of its customers satisfied with its service.

The study is based on supermarket customers aged 14 and over.

Norman Morris, industry communications director at Roy Morgan Research commented on the research: “Since March, Woolworths and IGA have both improved their position while Aldi has dropped over the same period to bring the margin between the three to the closest they’ve been in five years. With less than two percentage points separating Woolworths and Aldi, and even less between IGA and Aldi, either supermarket has a strong chance of taking out the number one position in satisfaction at supermarkets before the end of this year.”

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