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7 tourism case studies – how digital saved the sinking economy


7 tourism case studies – how digital saved the sinking economy


The world of planes, ships and hotels is changing, and its safe to say that it has been going through a slight bit of an uphill climb. First came the GFC, where consumers tightened purse strings and kept vacationing to a weekend away at Pop’s farm. Then came the emergence of online sites that compared prices, offered great deals and changed the whole industry – travel agents were no longer a tourism provider’s gateway to consumers, the internet was!

As the industry looed online as a key communication tool to reach consumers, brands began investing in integrated campaigns that included a range of media channels.

As David Brown, managing director of DDB Sydney (the agency behind the new ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ campaign) said: Selling a country as diverse as Australia to the rest of the world is not just about creating one ad or one campaign anymore… our goal is to creative a platform that is strong and flexible enough to host a number of different campaigns and marketing initiatives…”

Looking at the seven tourism case studies we have here, it seems like other key players in the tourism market are following suit, and gaining huge rewards from this diversification.

From P&O Cruises’ iPad app that saw over 2000 downloads in just one month to Mirvac hotels a jump in online revenue of over 300% thanks to effective SEO – while digital was one of root causes that demanded a change in marketing strategies, it is also proving to be a breath of fresh air for the tourism economy.

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Mirvac hotels build online presence

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