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And now for something completely different…


And now for something completely different…


We all have our favourite Monty Python scenes. If it’s not the ‘Dead Parrot’ or the ‘Philosophists’ World Cup, it’s the ‘Ministry of Silly’ Walks.

But who’s tired of the terrible, bad quality YouTube versions of these classic clips? Well, the crew from Monty Python for starters.

Tired of cheap knock-off’s giving their legacy a bad name, the Pythons’ have taken matters into their own hands – by officially releasing the Monty Python YouTube channel. The incentive for users is that every clip available from Monty Python is featured on the site, all in high definition – and all for free.

For the Python crew, their benefits lie in the click through links to Amazon for users to purchase actual Monty Python Flying Circus merchandise.

A shrewd business move from a group of men who are still known for slapping each other in the face with large fish. Good on them.

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