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Australian made app gets shoppers thinking local


Australian made app gets shoppers thinking local


The Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) Campaign, the trustees of that green triangle tag with the Kangaroo on it, have made a move to get with the times with the launch of a new iPhone app.

The logo has been around for 25 years,” AMAG’s marketing manager Verbeke Stisen tells Marketing magazine, “but we’re all about speaking to younger consumers and older ones, so we’re making sure our logo doesn’t become stale. This app makes it easier for shoppers to buy Australian made.”

The app has some pretty impressive functions for the discerning patriot, like providing a list of Australian manufacturers for any product category (search "coffee" – see all of Australian–made coffee brands). The app also enables a total nationalist shopping experience, by mapping out major supermarket chains by aisle and local shopping strips so shoppers can pick and choose from just the Aussie options.

Stisen admits the step forward has been a long time coming. 

“We haven’t been so good about digital in the past,” she says. “For a long time, we have just had an old-fashioned 84 page booklet listing all the Australian–made brands.”

AMAG is a not–for–profit organisation, that licenses its ‘Australian–made’ Kangaroo logo to eligible applicants.

“To use the logo, we have licensees,” Stisen says, “businesses have to meet strict criteria, and they pay a license fee. Our logo has 94% consumer recognition and is 80% trusted. We’re not–for–profit, so the license is accessible to even the smallest of businesses.”

“We know that an overwhelming majority of shoppers have a clear preference for buying locally made products, but that it can be difficult to find these goods. The app delivers up-to-date, reliable information about where to find them right to the consumer’s fingertips.”

Users will also gain access to exclusive online content including competitions and promotional offers.

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